Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Of Fred - Apples Ch 2

We are up and running with our math and covered Chapter 2 yesterday!  We started by watching several Days of the Week videos on YouTube together.  Then we worked on the days of the week with two cut & paste worksheets as well as one fill in the blank.

We then moved on to ellipse work!  In all of the following papers I crossed out 'oval' and wrote in 'ellipse'.  We used two color by number ellipse animals as well as one circle/ellipse difference worksheet.  We explored the differences of the two by starting with a ribbon taped into a circle and worked them into an ellipse (by stretching two sides).
Ellipse color by number snake from Cool Kids Craft Ideas

We finished by making ellipse & circle  Whole Wheat Pancakes with healthy Chocolate Syrup.  I made the pancakes and let the kids practice by spooning on the syrup in the two shapes.  Big hit!

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